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We live in a now technologically demanding society. Early Integration is here like it or not. How long will it be before it is manditory for children to have userface experience before entering school?

3+ Begining userface interactivity hand/eye/mouse coordination.

christmas blocks
Christmas Blocks
bubble olaf
Bubble Olaf
board solitare
Board Solitare

4+ These games are adding keyboard controls (spacebar/arrow keys) Plus introducing the diciplines of PATIENCE/PRACTICE & STRATEGY.

monkey boat
Monkey Boat
bubble olaf
Bubble Olaf
mustached driller
Mustached Driller
christmas pop
Christmas Pop
iron man
Iron Man

5+ These games have more complex on screen activity and require faster hand eye coordination. With more keyboard interaction still diciplining in PATIENCE/PRACTICE & STRATEGY.

helicopter strike force
Helicopter Strike Force
batman revolutions
Batman Revolutions
batman new battle 3
Batman New Battle 3
minions town
Minions Town

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